There are things we can all change in our lives to be more ‘environmentally friendly’. Here are a some that I recommend, ordered by how easy they are to do. Check back regularly for updates! 🙂


Switch to Ecosia

Change your default search engine to Ecosia. The search revenue generated is used to plant trees! 🌳

Fight Food Waste

List any food that you won’t use on the free Olio app or save some from someone else!

Check out the TooGoodToGo app and rescue food from restaurants at the end of the day – save it from going in the bin!


Household Waste: Most local authorities offer a recycling service. Sort your rubbish properly, recycling what you can

Clothes: Can they be donated to charity or upcycled into something new?

Medication packaging: There are 363 locations across the UK where you can drop off your blister packs for recycling. Check it out here!


Rescue oddly shaped or excess fruit & veg

Get an oddbox delivered to your home and save the wonky or excess groceries that the supermarkets won’t stock. All tastes great and fresh as a daisy!

Be a Food Waste Hero

Volunteer with Olio and collect food from supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away. List it on the Olio app so it doesn’t go to waste 🙂


Go plant based!

You may very well find it tricky! But every day there are new plant-based products launched. Maybe try it for 1 day a week to start off with. Keep an eye out plant-based diet blog posts from me for more tips 🙂

Grow your own

It is so fun and satisfying to grown your own fruit and veg. Keep an out for my garden blog posts for tips and tricks!

Something else to share? Get in touch!

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